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The ADE responds to the energy price cap increase

1 April 2022

Today the new energy price cap comes into effect, rising from £1,277 to £1,971 per year. Many households and businesses across the country face large increases to their energy bills.

Lily Frencham, CEO of the ADE, says:

Today will be a scary and stressful day for many households and businesses alike. Though the price cap has historically played a role in ensuring customers had a good experience, it is not (and will not be) the way to address the challenges the market faces.

The best way to protect customers, and to offer them a positive experience, in the long term will be through moving more quickly towards the net zero future we need. We need to accelerate the deployment of measures we know work - such as energy efficiency, low carbon heat delivered through green heat networks, and using flex to ensure we get the most out of the system - to insulate customers, bringing lower costs and higher comfort to people around the UK.

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