Combined Heat & Power, District Heating & Cooling, Demand Side Services

What is Combined Heat and Power?

What is Combined Heat and Power? |

Combined heat and power (CHP) integrates the production of usable heat and power (electricity), in one single, highly efficient process.

What is District Heating?

What is District Heating? |

A district heating scheme comprises a network of insulated pipes used to deliver heat, in the form of hot water or steam, from the point of generation (usually an energy centre) to the end user. 

What is Energy Storage?

What is Energy Storage? |

Energy is found in a number of different forms including electrical, thermal (heat), chemical, nuclear, kinetic, radiant (e.g. light and x-rays), sound, elastic, magnetic and gravitational. Energy can be transferred usefully, stored or dissipated (wasted) but it cannot be created…

What is Demand Side Response?

What is Demand Side Response? |

Demand side energy is when businesses or consumers turn up, turn down, shift or permanently reduce energy demand.



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