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Supporting fuel poor families through energy efficiency measures

Published on 11 December 2018

This guide for practitioners takes these findings and turns them into practical steps for people working in the fuel poverty and energy efficiency sectors.

Supporting fuel poor families through energy efficiency measures | ADE guidance

Fuel poverty remains a pressing issue for over 4 million households in the UK today. Families with children living on low incomes are at particular risk of experiencing fuel poverty, and its effects can penetrate deep into everyday life and into the practical, social and emotional worlds of those who encounter it.

The evidence gathered through the Policy Pathways to Justice in Energy Efficiency project is based on in-depth research conducted with national policy makers, with stakeholders who implement energy efficiency policy and with households on low incomes. It provides a clear picture of the energy needs of families on low incomes and of what needs to happen to make a real difference in their lives.

A policy briefing, working paper and pracitioner guide for those working with disabled people is also available. 

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