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Energy Efficiency in Norwich South

Published on 21 September 2017

Energy Efficiency in Norwich South is the seventh of ACE Research's constituency-focused local energy efficiency stories.

Energy Efficiency in Norwich South | ADE publications

The report has been welcomed by Norwich South’s MP Clive Lewis as well as local businesses and charities.

Clive Lewis MP added:

Many of my constituents told me they couldn’t afford to heat their homes last winter. I welcome the report by the Association for the Conservation of Energy, which sheds light on the energy efficiency of the housing stock and businesses in Norwich South constituency and commend the work that the City Council, local installers and programme managers have done in recent years to implement energy saving features in homes, such as better insulation and more efficient boilers. 

The report shows that there is a huge need to improve the efficiency of almost three quarters of workplaces and over 40,000 homes in Norwich South. But current national policy commitments would see a paltry 343 homes helped each year to 2020.

Not only is this selling our environment short, it’s such a false economy for our public finances. For example, for every £1 invested in renovating cold homes the NHS saves 42 pence in reduced hospital admissions and GP visits.

This government needs to stop handing out multi-billion pound tax cuts for a selected few. Instead it should invest in energy efficiency measures which benefit all of us now and by reducing carbon emissions will benefit all of our children in the future too.

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