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Improving The Security of Gas Supply Infographic

Published on 25 February 2014

An infographic illustrating how to improve the security of gas supply

Improving The Security of Gas Supply Infographic | ADE publications

Key Facts

  • 2% of the UK’s net gas imports
  • 69% of CHP uses natural gas
  • 89% of CHP is in industry 
  • 6% of the UK's power needs are met through CHP 
  • CHP saves 15 million tonnes CO2 a year.


Gas meets 70% of the UK's heating needs 
Source: The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge 

How we calculated the CHP gas savings 

CHP used 71,143 GWh of natural gas in 2012 to generate:

33,153 GWh of heat
17,907 GWh of electricity

If this heat and electricity was generated separately, would need 79,030 GWh of natural gas

Assume 81% boiler and 47% gas power efficiency

CHP saved 7,887 GWh of natural gas in 2012 equal to 0.706 billion cubic metres

Source: DUKES 2013

How we calculated shale gas production 

A shale gas well is expected to produce 3 billion cubic feet of gas per well over 20 years

Source: DECC Strategic Environmental Assessment for Further Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing

3 billion cubic feet equal to 0.0850 billion cubic metres

CHP reduces gas imports: The gas saved through the use of CHP is equal to: 

£165m benefit to UK balance of payments
Assumes import price of £21/MWh.

Source: European Comission “Quarterly Report Energy on European Gas Markets”, DG Energy Volume 6, issue 2 Second quarter 2013

477,000 homes’ annual gas demand

Assumes annual demand of 16,500 kWh

Source: DUKES 2013

CHP uses up to 30% less gas than traditional generation. Source: The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge

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