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Laying the foundations for net zero: Putting households at the heart of the energy transition

Published on 30 January 2020

Householders are essential actors in the decarbonisation story – so they need to be placed firmly at the heart of discussions around the journey and the destination. This report explores the role that householders play in our current energy system, and how we can ensure that they are empowered to play an active role in a just energy transition.

Laying the foundations for net zero: Putting households at the heart of the energy transition | ADE publications

The current policy framework and energy system can leave people confused or shut out. There needs to be a system that engages people, making them a part of a just and positive transition. This report discusses three interrelated areas of intervention that can work together to create – or start creating – such a change: better data, better buildings and better financing:

  • Better data will be essential in allowing householders, service providers and government to understand how we – collectively and individually – use energy and what system requirements are needed to support that.
  • Better buildings will support the delivery of a net zero system at far lower cost and with far greater co-benefits than without them
  • Better financing will facilitate the change by making it more affordable for all householders to take the necessary action

When enacted, the feedback loops between these interventions reinforce and support each other. Ultimately, they should also lead to improved understanding, improved acceptance and improved participation. 

This report is the second in a series, following on from the "Solving the Energy Puzzle" report, which was launched by the ADE in January 2019. It will be followed by two more in depth policy reports, which will explore the necessary actions needed to drive equitable decarbonisation across businesses and the public sector.

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