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Less waste, more growth - Boosting energy productivity

Published on 24 September 2015

There is an immense opportunity to improve our energy productivity, cutting energy bills, creating jobs and building a stronger economy. Find out how by using our interactive presentation.

Less waste, more growth - Boosting energy productivity | ADE publications

Energy productivity is a measure of how much energy is required to produce a pound in the economy. Boosting energy productivity supports the UK economy by getting more for less.

Currently 54% of the energy used to produce electricity is lost by the time it arrives at a UK home or business, where further losses occur. This lost energy is worth £9.5 billion a year, the equivalent of £354 per household more than half the average home’s annual electricity bill3. It also represents the annual carbon emissions equivalent to every car in the UK.

While not all energy waste can be stopped, there are immediate, practical, cost-effective steps which could save: over £3 billion a year, the equivalent of £116 off every householder's energy bill. 

Read our report to find out more about how we can reduce unnecessary energy waste. 

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