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Existing renewable CHP plant to be grandfathered in CHPQA decision

DECC today published its decision on proposed changes to CHPQA requirements for renewable CHP. The Government's response takes into account many of the proposals put forward in the CHPA's consultation response, which was developed with…

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Better Energy Blog | CHP could save you money. Here’s how to help make sure

A well installed and correctly operated CHP can give thousands of pounds in energy savings and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Our new advice note for contractors, consultants and customers, is designed to help users maximise…

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Consultation Response | Revision of CHP Quality Assurance scheme

The Association has prepared a response to proposed revisions to the CHP Quality Assurance (CHPQA) Scheme. The consultation document presents proposals for modifications to the CHPQA Standard and Guidance Note 44 (GN44), which are necessary…

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CHPQA publishes presentations from workshops

The Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance Programme (CHPQA)  run through the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), has published presentations from workshops held earlier this year. The CHPQA Programme held three events in Oxfordshire, for existing…

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Industrial Forum Members Event | CHP Quality Assurance review

To maintain compliance with the Energy Efficiency Directive, the CHP Quality Assurance (CHPQA) scheme must be revised to ensure they are in line with the revised reference reference efficiencies. Ricardo AEA has kindly offered to…

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Combined heat and power quality assurance (CHPQA) guidance notes published

Guidance Note 44 (Issue 7) and Guidance Note 50 have been published this week for the CHPQA. These relate to the Renewables Obligation and Contracts for Difference, and Quantifying and Justifying Useful Heat Outputs. 

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Rescheduled Event | CHPQA review

As you may be aware, the European Commission has now published the revised Reference Values for the separate production of electricity and heat. Ricardo AEA has kindly offered to meet with members and are invited…

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Contracts for Difference proposed amendments Government response and Consultation launched

On Thursday 30 August, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published the second part of their response to the proposed amendments to the Contracts for Difference Scheme for renewable electricity generation. As…

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Industry proposals respond to Government challenge of cost effective, secure and low carbon heat

The Energy Secretary can unlock billions of pounds of heat infrastructure investment with a new policy framework set out by the decentralised energy industry today. The proposals call for an end to punitive business rates,…

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Response to Non-domestic RHI: further proposed amendments

The ADE’s consultation focusses on the impact of the proposed cap on RHI payments to an individual site to 250 GWh, specifically how it will limit the role of the RHI in decarbonising large-scale industrial…

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