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About the Association for Decentralised Energy

The Association for Decentralised Energy is setting the vision of a local, efficient, low carbon energy system which enables energy users to make the choices which work for them.

We are the leading trade association for decentralised energy, representing more than 160 interested parties from across the industrial, commercial and public sectors. 

Why decentralised energy  

Decentralised energy is energy based at or near the energy user and it has an integral role to play in the delivery of a flexible, smart energy future. Decentralised energy solutions:

  • are low carbon and efficient 
  • offer users more choice in how they meet their energy needs and control over their energy costs 
  • reduce network investment costs as long term demand decreases and/or users offer demand flexibility 

We do not advocate for one decentralised energy technology over another, believing customer needs should drive the solution. We work to create a strong, dynamic and sustainable environment for a range of technologies including combined heat and power, demand side energy services, energy efficiency and heat networks

We act as an advocate for our members

We engage with government and key decision makers to advocate for decentralised energy. We provide a conduit between the sector and government, providing members with insight into policy developments and government with insight based on our members’ experience.

We believe the country is at a pivotal time in its transition to a low carbon, affordable and secure energy system for the future. 

At the Association for Decentralised Energy, we advocate the value of a user orientated approach to meeting energy requirements. Consumers have varied needs from reliable high temperature steam in industry to heating in urban or rural areas.

By starting with the consumer, examining their needs and considering the user in their local context it is possible to design a more local, efficient and less costly energy system where each technology and infrastructure option is considered on its merits.

Our vision is for an energy system that is user-led, dictated by the consumers' needs rather than a system that dictates to them. To make this vision a reality, we focus on technologies and services that have not reached their potential under our current, centralised approach.

There are no silver bullets which will deliver an affordable, secure and low carbon energy system, but by thinking about the consumer first, we can use a range of options to find the right solutions for the right people in the right place.

2020 must be the year of decentralised energy. It is ADE members' products and services - located in factories, households and businesses up and down the country – that will be an essential engine of local economic growth, helping the Government in it’s ambition for ‘levelling up’ our cities and regions. With tweaks to regulation and legislation, decentralised energy will transform the UK journey to net zero.


In 2020, we are asking Government to;

  • Set a rising trajectory of minimum energy efficiency standards for buildings compliant with net zero; considering, in particular, the existing owner occupied domestic and non-domestic sectors
  • Set out Government’s view on the state of the power flexibility sector now and the outcomes needed in the short-term and by 2030 to reach net zero
  • Maintain the incentives for Combined Heat and Power arising from achieving ‘Good Quality’ status
  • Respond to the Heat Network Industry Council ask and offer, launching in Spring 2020
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