The Association of Decentralized Energy (ADE) is committed to upholding strong and transparent governance practices to ensure the effective management and operation of the organization. We believe that sound governance is essential for maintaining the trust and confidence of our members, stakeholders, and the broader decentralized energy community. Our governance framework is designed to promote accountability, ethical behavior, and the pursuit of our mission in a responsible and sustainable manner.

ADE is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of governance to foster trust, transparency, and accountability within our organization and the decentralized energy community. Through strong governance practices, we aim to provide leadership, inspire confidence, and drive positive change in the decentralized energy sector.

Mission Statement

The Association of Decentralized Energy (ADE) is dedicated to advancing the widespread adoption and integration of decentralized energy solutions for a sustainable and resilient energy future. Our mission is to champion the transition from traditional centralized energy systems to a decentralized model that empowers individuals, communities, and businesses to generate, manage, and consume energy in a more efficient, clean, and customer-centric manner.