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Association of Decentralised Energy Members


The ADE advocates for the decentralised energy sector as a whole, not for individual technologies or solutions.  Our members come from many sectors that are interested in our work on industrial decarbonisation, heat networks, flexibility and energy efficiency.  The examples below give an idea of the range. They are all linked by a desire to promote the development of a modern energy system that meet energy users needs and allows large and small assets, producers and consumers alike to participate in energy markets.


ADE Member Directory

View and search our directory of member that represent all areas of the industry

Energy Companies and Flexibility Aggregators

We represent the interest of these members by advocating for policy and regulatory developments that open energy markets to a wide range of actors, and lead to provision of energy services to users in the most efficient and effective way.  We benefit from their in depth understanding of the workings of markets today and where these could be improved.

Technology suppliers and installers

We work on the development of policy and market frameworks that support growth in the use of a wide range of technologies, from insulation and heat pumps to the digital systems that underpin flexibility services and the pipes for heat networks.  These members give us insight into the practical impact of policies on the people who deliver the infrastructure we need.